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Calling all Princesses to the Princess party singalong.

Wish upon a star, dress up in your princess garb, come down to the butterfly club where dreams come true.

If Princessing is a part of your world the Princess party is for you.

One Enchanted evening to Let it go, on a magic carpet ride of songs from; ‘The Little Mermaid’ ‘Pocohantas’ ’Aladin’ ’Beauty and the beast’ ‘Sleeping beauty’ ‘Frozen’ ‘Moana’ and many more.

Led by singer-songwriter Kate Finkelstein, known for her recent Kate Bush and Tori Amos cover shows, the Princess Party singalong is a night for all hardworking princesses to let down their hair for a whole new world of magical fairytale music.

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From the artist that brought you, 'This Woman's Work- The Songs of Kate Bush' comes ‘Silent all these Years the songs of Tori Amos.  

She declared that she ‘Never was a cornflake girl’. So who is she? Who is Tori Amos?

Behind the cryptic lyrics and sweetly manic piano is a ‘Girl’, who ‘turns herself inside in hope someone will see’.

Exploring twisted thoughts and painful realisations Tori Amos is the voice for each ‘strange-little-girl' or boy, inspiring us to ’take to the sky’ or cry '1000 oceans'. 

Through a series of Tori's most famous songs to some of her more obscure ones, Kate Finkelstein pays homage to the courage and genius of Tori Amos. No longer will we be silent. 

Kate Finkelstein’s soaringly entertaining concert show starring Tori Amos’ songs and Kate’s own musical skills and ideas is a rare smart, creative sequel, rather than a note-and-vocal ‘perfect’ carbon copy or re-staging: you bet your life it is (‘it’ being both show and performer). And succeeds in creating her own version of the famous red head’s sound, vocal and piano (and funnies) feelings world, spell and atmosphere (Finkelstein’s own song ‘Waterfall’, not part of the show, shares the Amos/Bush clear, creative piano intro and crisp story-telling atmosphere). The Tori Tales song catalogue, sensual, strong and personal, ranges from the straight forward pop (yes, she does do that), to the slightly loopy, deeply thought through stuff that enchanted fans desperate for decoding and origins in the years before social media (yup, such a time existed). And Finkelstein, rather than standing at distance admiring the songs as untouchable pieces of museum art, treats them as a chance to flex her own quality singer/songwriter skills: bouncily dancing and playing with them, keeping ‘Stralyia not ‘United’ States in saying the lyrics, armed with her own keyboard ‘Mo’, some simple and catchy background graphics, and a sense of fun and wit. Hand-picked (and picked out of) from the range of fan favourites, chart hits and some obscure personal favourites across an entire career. Those “things” included: sharply clever multi-multi-song medley mixes. A soaring warm Winter (written for her father), a wonderfully spine-tingling Cloud on my Tongue, and a pal-looking-on telling of Jackie’s Strength (that ode to Mrs Kennedy mixed with Ms Amos’ wedding nerves). Don’t forget (you won’t) an ingenious slicing of the “out-there” love tangle Hey Jupiter (“For a girl that couldn’t choose/ between the shower or the bath..”) with 1000 Oceans’ straight forward love declarations (“... and I would cry a thousand more/ If that’s what it takes/ To sail you home...”).


Review - @ChuckMoorReviewsAbout.



This Woman's Work_ The Songs of Kate Bus


She’s been described as an “enigma”, an eccentric-original-rarity
that polarized audiences and sent the pop world into a spin. 


At 19 this singer-songwriter was the first woman to have a self-written number one hit in the UK.  Since then, known for pushing boundaries
Kate Bush has become the banshee-like voice of individuality.

With an avalanche of eclectic and complex hit songs, Bush reinvented the rules of pop music and inspired generations of songwriters including the likes of Tori Amos, Prince, Annie Lennox, Elton John, Bjork, Coldplay, Bat For Lashes and Florence and The Machine.


'This Woman's Work' features Australian singer-songwriter, Kate Finkelstein,
rediscovering the "beautiful mystery" that is Kate Bush.




"At the end of the day ’This Woman’s Work’ by Kate Finklestein is a show built on honesty… just one woman on piano… no backing tapes or trickery (save for a string of fairy lights draped over the piano…) and it’s no-nonsense approach brought us as close to the essence of Kate Bush as any fan could possibly dream of… here we were hearing complex songs like ‘Cloudbusting’, ‘Moments Of Pleasure’ and ‘Wuthering Heights’ in their most distilled unfettered form… on the piano as Kate would have originally conceived them… and for any fan, it just doesn’t get any purer… And at times I confess I was so moved by the honesty of her performance that it brought tears."


Harry Williams - Kate Bush Webcast:  Live By Worldwide Request

TWW poster Fringe version 2.png

Following its debut at Melbourne's Butterfly Club, "This Woman's Work - The Songs of Kate Bush" is back BIGGER and BUSHIER!' 

As part of Melbourne fringe festival, self-professed Kate Bush enthusiast, Kate Finkelstein will lead you through of night of musical' exuberance in honour of an artist that showed the world what a woman can do with a dream, a piano and a pair of red shoes.

Joined by a full band of Australian' Rock Royalty this show is Bush' ON HEAT!

Including hit songs such as Wuthering Heights, The Man With The Child In His Eye, Babooshka, Cloudbusting, Running Up That Hill, The Red Shoes and many more.


Australian singer/songwriter Kate Finkelstein rocked it last night in her self-described 'Kate Bush wet dream' concert entitled This Woman's Work, performed as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival. The show had previously made an appearance at The Butterfly Club, but this time, Kate got to perform Kate with the help of a four-piece band plus backing singers.  

Finkelstein has the range and vocal dexterity necessary to successfully take on Bush's more challenging numbers, which was proven as the show progressed. I found myself singing along to some of the numbers.

Anyone who loves Kate Bush's music will love This Woman's Work. Great fun, great to sing along to, and a pleasure to see Kate Finkelstein doing something she does well and clearly loves. I know I walked out of the venue with a big smile on my face. 

Fiona Anderson - Weekend Notes



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