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OUT NOW... "Odyssey"

A collection of spaced themed songs inspired by stargazing and thinking way too much. 




Kate Finkelstein is a singer-songwriter who writes progressive pop song-stories and illustrates them with colourful music that fuses Celtic-folk, Classical, Electronic, Musical theatre and Progressive rock. Inspired by Artists such as Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Björk, Paul Kelly, Claud-Michael Schoenberg,  Debussy and Mike Oldfield Kate has written a large collection of songs that push the boundaries of pop.

Kate has been performing for over 20 years in corporate/cover acts and original bands. She has recorded  2 Albums and 3 EP's, created a series of cabaret shows and produced a number of film clips. Now, nearing 40, Kate says she feels she’s "just getting started". 

Kate began studying classical Piano and voice at an early age and later moved to contemporary/rock singing. Actively seeking training from multiple teachers to create a voice that fuses pop and rock sound with classical sounds Kate has developed a unique and expressive vocal style with soaring highs and husky lows. She now teaches voice, and beginner piano, in 4 locations in Melbourne. 

Kate has performed across Australia, in some parts of Asia and in the US to audiences from 20 to 20,000 people. Having signed and been released by 4 independent labels in the past 20 years Kate is now proud to be a fully independent artist and considers herself a music industry activist. 



Released in 2019 Odyssey  Odyssey is a space-themed exploration into of the idea notion that aliens are real. It features music that captures the feeling of lying on the earth looking out at the stars while simultaneously floating in space looking down at the earth.  Odyssey asks the question, : can we go beyond the human condition? Can we find the truth? Is it out there? 

SSTM Album Cover.png

So said the moon is a conversation between a girl and the moon. Many nights the girl would lay away speaking to the moon about her secrets, dreams and fantasies.  Then one night, the moon replied.

So said the moon 2013.png

So said the moon first Album mix 2013. Produced by Lee Bradshaw features a variety of Kate Finkelstein songs recorded and released by Source Entertainment group. 


Whispers in the wind is an EP about the stories carried by the wind.  It features a story about a historical Character and being alone. Kate recorded this in Brisbane with Producer Wernher Pramschuffer in 2006-2007 under the artist name Kahya.  

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